Knowing a great deal

Prior to setting up Edinburgh House in 2001, David Roberts had been Chief Executive of Bourne End Properties plc and Tony Quayle was formerly UK Head of Construction at retailer BAA McArthur/Glen. The partnership is based on proven skills, expertise and a measured track record.

To date David Roberts and Tony Quayle have been responsible for over £4 billion of transactions.

Our property investment portfolios cover the UK’s retail, industrial and development sectors, as well as major investment in Germany.

However, our principles can be applied to any sector and we are actively looking to expand further with a renewed focus on the UK.

Added to this, we have in-house construction management expertise and have the confidence to commit to sizeable capital expenditure and major development schemes where we believe we can add value and create attractive returns.

Our skill in transforming assets also involves increasing both the income and its longevity and hence the value. In achieving goals, we are sensitive to the needs of banks, vendors and other partners, and work to reflect their business parameters within specific deals.